About FairCoin [FAIR]

interesting to know ...

FairCoin is a worldwide movement 

FairCoin is not a company. It is a movement of commoners.

Arround the world threre are many local players and projects.

FairCoin is super energy-efficient

FairCoin is not using the so called proof of work system, like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. FairCoin uses instead a proof of cooperation concept, which needs only a very, very low  quantity of energy.

FairCoin is consus based

FairCoin community tries to discuss most decissions in assemblies. This is not an easy and fast way, but we try our best to get a broad basis of consens.

FairCoin wants to be a path towards

an alternative economy

Many local groups use FairCoin to exchange there services or goods. Enrich our

movement with your offers, ideas and visions.

FairCoin is much more ...

... find out more about the varienty of FairCoin in duzends of groups on FairChat or TelegramJoin us, engage and become part of our movement!