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Idea of FairValueFund (FVF)

From every transaction, buying or selling FAIR with this plattform, a smale amount will be given to FairValue Fund (FVF). Each smal amount shall top up FAIR with real value, beyond money. 

Beside a stabel financial value of FAIR  it is a wish to provide our CryptoCoin with intrinsic value and to strengthen this intrinsic value step by step. 

The monetary values of FVF sould be invested constantlly in projects that have usefull impact for society and so level upat the same time the inner value of FAIR.

FVF should invest in a way that will maximize common benefit. And using FAIR regular will push this effect day by day.

Investments could be for example land that will be leased to a organic and solidaric farmer comunity. Or buying land that will increase climatic situation if this will be used for biotopes or moors. An example can be https://www.moorfutures.de/ .


More money can be raised by donations, crowdfunding, etc.

All investments shall be transparent and published for everyone to see where the money went. Each user can make proposals for investments. Decisions should be made either by a poll of all yousers or a board for FVF-Investments.

Financing is done by a contribution of X% of any buy or sell on this plattform.

FAIR-Future-Fund (FFF) to cover costs for advancements of FAIR

Another budget is built with FAIR-Future-Fund (FFF). This will be used for keeping FairCoin technically up to date and do all necessary developments that has to be sourced from outside our ecosystem. Every user, developer, node-operator or whoever is engaged with FAIR is entiteled to make a proposal. Decision shall be made buy a consenus based poll. 

Financing is based on a contribution from each buy or sell ina range of 0,5% to 1,5%.

The beginning shoul dbe a charge for FFF of 1%. 






“Imprint” of faircash.one

We do generally not agree with the concept of imprint. However we respect the wish to have a possibility to get in contact and to have further information about a publisher.

FAIR International, provider of the content of this domain, is a group of FairCoin-Users from different countries. We are a kind of an NGO that works for spread of alternative models of economy, use of alternative money concepts and cooperation. For the reason that not in every country where we live it is politically volitional to discuss these subjects, we decided to appear in this context only with nicknames or with our first names. If you need for any reason a postal address to get in contact with us write to

FAIR International

c/o Prosper International Trust  PT 39636

general delivery at Post office

Bruce Street

St. George's








This Domain and all related service is offered as a privat barter between all participants. The Provider has no commercial intention in general. The idea is to incubate alternative economics modells and settings as a step towards common wellfare of all participents. From this background we do not see any taxrelavant transactions happening here. For this reason we will not we will not provide any data to any tax-authority or government whereever it is located!

Price of FairCoin and price discussion in FairCoin community

Price of FairCoin is a difficult chapter! Since years the FAIR community has hard discussions about different ideas about price determination of FAIR. In the early days there were an attempt to fix a price and to tie this price with the Euro.

The rate was 1 FAIR : 1,20 EUR. Nowadays this is approach would be called "stable coin". Later FAIR was listet at different exchanges and FAIR took a roller coaster ride. Up and down, with extrem volatility, like most other cryptos, too. 

Meanwhile there are many differnet price models, depending from the group that uses FAIR and depending from region. Some accept exchange price, some use a fixed ratio (e.g. 1 FAIR : 1 CHF), many others use models in between. Still this works and FAIR is used. But this also opens the door to geo-arbitrage or things like this. To prevent abuse or manipulation the best way seems transparency and cooperation inside groups with some kind of a web-of trust basis. 

Our approach about the price of FAIR is transparency, like publishing FAIR price on our Domain and price fixing by a comitee. Rules of price fixing include occurence of buy and sells, price tendecies on Exchanges and FAIR price tendency on

https://fairo.exchange/. In either case we don´t think it is necessary for using FAIR to set different quotes within minutes or seconds. Adapting the FAIR price from time to time fits everything that is needed for the use of FAIR and for orientation in FairCoin Ecosystem