How to start

stay relaxed, just 3 easy steps

That´s how it works ...

1. Download or update your FairCoin Wallet 

2. Choose your amount of FAIR, order and pay

3. Get your FAIR in your own FairCoin Wallet 

Get your FAIR-Wallet

With the following link (click on the blue button) you get your digital FairCoin Wallet. Use either your mobilephone or your desktop computer. That´s it! First step done!

Right now there a 3 differnet wallets available. You can alternativly find a FAIR-wallet in your PlayStore or in other App-Stores. 

Choose your FAIR amount

Choose from diffent ways to get FAIR.

Then choose the ammount of FAIR you want to get.

Do your payment! And ready with step 2.

Get your FAIR into your Wallet

During order process you provided your FAIR-wallet-address. This is an important detail to make shure that you get your FAIR and not anybody else. FAIR transaction from wallet to wallet ist quite fast. But preparation of this step is done by manually. For this reason it can take some time until you have your FAIR in your wallet the first time. Please be patient.

Once you have got your FAIR into your wallet you can immediately start using them ...

free society needs free money

freely adapted from Friedrich von Hayek