Buy your FAIR

Buy FAIR via Telegram

Click on the image (Telegram Bot BuyFairCoin) on the right, oder your FAIR and pay by creditcard

Get FAIR by IBAN-bankwire

Just send an email message to and you get an automated response message with the IBAN where to pay your FAIR in advance.

Ad oder better copy into the wire instruction of your paymentprovider your FairCoin-wallet-adress. On this FairCoin-wallet-adress your FAIR will be transfered. 

Buy FAIR with cash

Send us an email message if you want to get FAIR with cash payment. Provide us your detailed wish how much FAIR you want and with what currency you would like to pay. We will try to check if this is possible. In case we can arrange we will let you know where in your country or region you can meet a trustworthy person to get your FAIR. Usually this will be representative of a local node. 

Congratulations to your buy!