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As you see, we work fair and easy! 

*FairValue Funds are kept in FAIR and EURO. Therefore you see

here 2 differing amounts .

FAIR as a "value-backed" Coin 

We try to imporve the system of FAIR step by step under the focus of real value. Value not in monetary sense, but in sense of  ethics and use for society. FAIR itsself has allready a lot of values like very low energy consumption, attempt to get consenssus bases decicions and beeing a commons based project in general.  The idea of this plattform is to load up FAIR with additional value by each little transaction that is done here. Each buy or sell will top up automatically the FAIR VALUE FUND (FVF) with a smal ammount and realise thereby this crowdinvesting. All collected funds will be invested in concrete projects with dedicated and sustainable use for society. For example buying land and lease this to a solidarity agriculture project or a urban gardening project. We would be glad to get your ideas and proposals for usefull investments in this sense. Find more information under about us.

Another usefull and necessary budget that is toped up the same way is the FairFutureFund (FFF). It´s use is the financing of e.g. externaly need programming skills or technical equipment or whatever may be needed additionaly purchased to keep FAIR going!


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It´s a long way to a fair world

But little stories may help to get, step by step, a more positive view and lead us towards a bright common future, instead of collective folly. And it´s a benefaction to meet many possitive people in your life... 

In 2018, during a crowdfinanced, open source,  social network I found great new friends and I got access to an articel and a video-clip about FairCoin, which was a game-changing incident for me.

Soon the idea of a common-FairCoin-jar came along, like it is habit in germany to collect coinage in bottles. Arround 2019 Daniel visited me with a coke bottle, marked with his name on and full of mintage. 

But he did not know how much was inside the bottle. Somewhere should be a slip of paper with the correct amount. But where the hell to find? And how should this be changed into FairCoin crypto token? Daniel just saw me as his personal vault!

The social network got switched off, but ties were made. Some connections were kept personally, like to Geli, Chris and Daniel. Most of them continued digitally. Even with low contact frequence ties of friendship were settled. In Oktober 2021 Daniel "knocked" online at my door and I immediatelly remembered the coke-bottle full of FairCoin that were still not transfered. Daniel realised that the idea was stillcatching me and he called me a "stubborn mind". 

Meanwhile the amount was clear, but Daniel still had no wallet to transfer to!
But I stay positive like my story. Holy moly! You don´t need allways a happy end and sometimes jus just have to wait even a bit longer ....

#multisig-wallet with #15friends

sunny regards, 

FairCoin made me buy plenty of goods

FairCoin mad eme buy planty of goods I would never had bought otherwise. As the market is still smal, I ofthen bought things just to use FairCoin. The Kurdish pistachio Coffee was one of them.

Other people did the same, I guess. I had three boxes of tin figures with a total weight of more than 50 KG. I had tried to sell it on the internet some years ago but without success. Just recently someone bought it with FairCoin. 


what one cannot do, many can!

original text: Was einer nicht schaffen kann, das schaffen viele

[Quote of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, a early pioneer of cooperative economy]

Let infect yourself  ....

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